Development of a custom Shopify theme for the Brand's innovation needs.

    Development of a custom Shopify App for the proprietary CRM Digital Drawer™.

    UX & UI design that brings out the quality of a unique product.

    Development of Mobile Applications for Apple and Android.

  • LNDV is an innovative brand created to meet the needs of the modern man in underwear. The market currently has many shortcomings in terms of quality, sustainability and hygiene: LNDV aims to change that.

  • 1.0

  • LNDV approached Evocon to develop an ecommerce that offers its Customers an outstanding shopping experience with a fluid mix of content and technology. We then integrated the main ecommerce platform with the proprietary CRM system Digital Drawer™ which tracks the entire lifecycle of each product from the time it is manufactured to the time it is sold to the customer and beyond.

  • 2.0

  • As a result, all LNDV products are equipped with a unique tracking feature that through the Digital Drawer™ allows users to monitor the status of their products and receive end-of-life replacement notifications. This feature represents a new benchmark in the intersection of ecommerce and customer experience, providing an innovative and cutting-edge service that elevates Customer engagement and satisfaction to unprecedented levels in the industry.

    As a result of these developments, LNDV has won major tenders and collaborates with leading Italian and international fashion brands.

    Discover the website: lndv.com

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