Shopify POS: the ideal Point of Sale system for every type of business.

How does Shopify POS work?

Using a card reader together with a smartphone or tablet, Shopify POS makes it possible to make payments anywhere. The system synchronizes seamlessly with your online store, consolidating both online and in-store sales data.

You have the ability not only to view all sales in one interface, but also to collect and manage additional information, such as customers' personal data and contact information. This allows you to make full use of the features and integrations offered by Shopify, including those for email marketing and shipping, such as direct in-store pickup.

  • 1.0

  • In an era where digital plays a key role in commerce, having a versatile and efficient POS system is crucial. Shopify POS responds to this need, offering a solution that integrates cutting-edge technologies and customization options to perfectly fit any type of business.


    With Shopify POS, any device or tablet easily becomes a checkout point by simply installing the Shopify Retail POS app.


    Modify your Shopify POS as you prefer, keeping your most-used apps, special offers and key products at your fingertips.


    Get the perfect POS setup, whether you have a pop up shop or a retail store. Shopify POS integrates seamlessly with Shopify's card-reading devices and compatible hardware accessories.

  • 2.0

  • If you plan to expand your online business by opening a physical store, transfer your success on Shopify to the real world with Shopify POS. We will provide everything to enable you to start handling transactions from day one of opening. In addition, we can equip you with multiple payment systems, customized to your specific needs.

    In addition, if you plan to open multiple retail stores, Shopify POS Pro is ideal for expanding up to 1,000 physical locations, being optimal for chain stores and brands with several hundred stores.

  • 3.0

  • If you are already using a different POS platform, such as Vend, Square, or an older system, we can assist you with the transition to Shopify POS. We will perform an analysis of your pre-existing hardware and software, making the necessary changes.

    If you only need new software, we will help you with installation and configuration with your hardware. But, if you require a completely new system, we will replace everything with a new configuration, making sure the transition is as smooth as possible.

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