UX & UI design based on the visual identity of the Havas group.

    Development of a custom Shopify theme adapted for use in a corporate project.

    Development of a custom app to manage exclusive access for group employees and contractors.

  • HAVAS MEDIA GROUP is one of the world's largest corporate media consulting groups with more than 21,000 employees in over 100 countries. They specialize in growing their Clients' businesses, cultivating their Brand Reputation and connecting them with their Consumers.

  • 1.0

  • Havas Media Group Italy contacted Evocon with the aim of launching an internal ecommerce Marketplace dedicated exclusively to its collaborators.With this goal in mind, we developed a Private Market that allows the group's collaborators to purchase products from Client brands at advantageous prices.

  • 2.0

  • The implementation of the Private Market has had an extraordinary impact on the company's dynamics, generating exponential growth in internal sales and further consolidating the bond between Havas Media Group Italia, its employees and Client brands, thus creating a unique and beneficial internal shopping experience.

    A successful operation that has strengthened internal collaboration and consolidated the innovative leadership of Havas Media Group Italia.

"The Evocon team fully understood our requirements and came up with innovative and very intuitive products for our employees, exactly according to our needs."

Roberto Addeo
Head of eCommerce & Marketplace of Havas Media Group Italy

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