Migration from Magento to Shopify Plus of 23,000 SKUs from a custom-built dataset of 5,000 products.

    Integration of Shopify with the retail's network ERP.

    Integration of Shopify Markets for a customized experience in each market.

  • MC2 SAINT BARTH was born in 1994 from the beautiful Caribbean island of St. Barth, which inspired two young entrepreneurs with its sea colors and white sand. Since then, the brand has become a world leader in swimwear with its unique, stylish and practical beachwear collections for women, men and children.

  • 1.0

  • Limited by a store built on Magento, MC2 Saint Barth needed a solution that would further its scalability ambitions and enable more effective management of eCommerce operations. At a critical point in their history, the illustrious brand chose Evocon to perform a complex migration focused on solving technology and logistics issues, including integrating an ERP system into the overall launch framework.

  • 2.0

  • The migration to Shopify Plus resulted in a significant improvement in the overall experience offered by the brand, while opening up new possibilities for customization and international expansion. Through this transition, MC2 Saint Barth was able to consolidate its global presence and access new markets, thus expanding its target audience. The decision to adopt Shopify Plus as its e-commerce platform proved to be a win-win for the brand, enabling efficient management of the online store and providing advanced functionality to meet the needs of MC2 Saint Barth's large international customer base. With this new robust infrastructure, the brand is now poised to seize further opportunities for success and strengthen its leadership position in the fashion industry.

    As a result of this migration, MC2 Saint Barth has seen a +20% increase in revenue in the first 3 months since migrating to Shopify Plus.

    Discover the website: mc2saintbarth.com

"Thanks also to the multidisciplinary support of the Evocon team, the migration to Shopify Plus was a success. Within seconds the first purchase on the new platform arrived!"

Massimo Cartabia
MC2 Saint Barth IT Operations

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