eStore Design and Development for a disruptive Man Underwear brand

  • The Brand

    LNDV is a brand dedicated to meet the needs of modern men when it comes to underwear. The market currently has many shortcomings in terms of quality, sustainability, and hygiene, and LNDV aims to change that.

    We developed for LNDV an innovative clothing assistant: the Digital Drawer™. This technology tracks the life cycle of each garment and informs the Client when it's time to replace them for hygiene and health purposes.

  • Project overview

  • We built the LNDV store to bring users a stunning shopping experience, with a flowless mix of content and technology.

    We integrated the core Commerce platform with a proprietary CRM system:

    • The system tracks the entire life cycle of each product from the time it's manufactured to the time it's sold to the customer, and beyond.
    • This system is built using Node.js on AWS, allowing for a robust and scalable system that can handle a large number of products and customers.
  • In a snapshot

  • Development of custom Shopify store

    Sleek and state-of-the-art commerce UX / UI

    Development and Integration of a custom CRM app

    Integration of proprietary technology to track product life cycle

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