Shopify Markets integration for a leading Interior Design eCommerce destination

  • The Brand

    CABANA is a leading Publisher in the Interior Design sector, offering sophisticated and refined furniture products through an eCommerce active worldwide. To scale its business internationally the Client needed a solution that would allow it to easily manage a different configuration for each market served.

  • Project overview

  • We integrated in Cabana eCommerce site Shopify Markets, a centralized management platform that allows them to localize currencies, languages, domains and payment options, creating tailored experiences for users. This work allowed Cabana to optimize and scale its international strategy.

"The Evocon team's multidisciplinary expertise allows complex projects to run smoothly and without a hitch. The ideal partner to grow an eCommerce business worldwide."

Elia Blei
Managing Director at Cabana Magazine

  • In a snapshot

  • Internationalized storefront, seamless checkout, and cost-effective shipping

    Different pricebooks and duties conditions for each country

    Customer experiences tailored to each market, including translation and localization of the UI

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