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  • The shortage of Shopify developers in Italy is a fact.

    Recruiting real eCommerce Growth Experts is very difficult, expensive and risky.

    Shopify Membership offers a Low Cost / Huge Flexibility / Low Risk solution

  • Why Shopify Growth Membership
    is the most effective model

  • Grow your eCommerce with all Shopify services, only when you need them.

  • Shopify training

    Growth Strategy roadmap creation

    Benchmarks and Competitors online tactics analysis

    Store Auditing & Mapping

    Analytics & tracking setup

    Custom reporting dashboard development

    Design & Redesign

    Front-end maintenance

    New sections / product pages development

    Landing Pages development

    Shopify Apps integrations (ie: subscription, loyalty, marketing automation, logistics, etc)

    Systems Integrations (ie: ERP)

    Advertising integrations

    SEO & Google Shopping

    Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Check-out Flow Optimizations

    Custom reporting and analytics integrations

    Platform Bug Fixing & Troubleshooting

    Community Building

    Newsletter Curation

    Users DB building & Curation

    International Legal compliance (GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, PCI)

    International localization of Products catalogues

    Not included: eStore Development; Replatforming and Migrations; Custom Shopify Apps development

"The flexibility of this Membership solution allows us to always take advantage of top-level expertise in a fractional manner, when we need it - The speed of technical support has proved to be fundamental for the growth of our eCommerce."

Paola Premoli - Head of eCommerce, MC2 Saint Barth

  • A package for every need.

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