We future-proof your eCommerce with a modern and Growth Hacking approach

  • Our Skills

    Strategically headquartered in Milan, we equip consumer brands to build scalable businesses on Shopify.

    First we apply modern Design and Technology, 
so your eCommerce evolves with the world.

    Then we implement sophisticated Digital Marketing strategies, so you can grow volumes and expand.

“Evocon has been everything we could’ve hoped for in a Shopify Plus agency. Their vertical expertise, deep dedication and wide skill set makes them the ideal partners for complex eCommerce projects”

MC2 Saint Barth
(eCommerce Leadership Team)

  • Your team of
    digital natives

    In Digital Marketing since 1999, we’re avid students of eCommerce, growth-minded and used to work with top international brands.

    We deeply understand entrepreneurs, and the specific needs of Luxury, Fashion and Wellness industries.

    We don't outsource. Our In-House team includes:

    • UI & UX Designers
    • Front & Backend Developers
    • CRO consultants
    • Growth Marketers and Strategy Consultants.
  • Some of the complex
    problems we solve

  • Conversion Rates < 2-3%

    Cart Abandonment > 50%

    CLV / CAC ratio > 3:1

    Reduction of AOV

    Reduction of store traffic

    Store Operations roadblocks

  • Zero-party data strategies
    (community building, gamificatiion, loyalty)

    DTC units development and launch

    StoreS Re-Platform and Re-Design

    Convertion Rate Optimization (CRO)

    Circularity Formats creation and implementation

    Marketing Automation

    International Customers Acquisition 

  • Some of the sophisticated
    projects we run

eCommerce Growth Consulting

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